Business Email Etiquette You Should Know

Properly composed business email is the most convenient way to put your best foot forward in your day-to-day online communications. It can help you make an impression of credible and trusted professional who is nice and pleasant to work with.

Follow these basics of email etiquette while composing your every email in order to rise above the majority:

  1. Master you subject line. It is the window to your email, thus, it should be clear and direct, adequately reflecting the content of your email. Don’t make it a mystery for your recipient why are you approaching them.

Tip. Never leave your subject line empty. This will lead your message directly to spam folder or a garbage bin.

  1. Be precise. Always clarify your emailing intentions and include all relevant details of your request. If you want the recipient to take some action – clearly ask for it. Generalities may cause unnecessary back and forths.

Tip. Try not to seem demanding.

  1. Avoid extravagancy. Leave out original fonts, multicolored text, background patterns and pictures. Mostly, they serve as a distraction from your message.

Tip. Emoticons in business emails will not make you appear original. Use words to express what you mean.

  1. Mind your manners. “Please”, “thank you” and “appreciate your help” have not gone out of style. Courtesy and politeness, as well as professional salutations, are always appreciated.

Tip. Stick to the highest level of formality when you email to a business contact for the first time.

  1. …and tone. The tone of your email is expressing your attitude. Make sure you sound friendly and approachable.

Tip. Readers perceive ALL CAPS as shouting, and all small as the sign of laziness and lack of education. Multiple instances, like !!! or ???, are also considered as rude and harsh.

  1. Be careful with humor. Without the voice tone and facial expression, humor may easily be misinterpreted.

Tip. Keep casual language and slang for private conversations and stick to respectful expressions in your business emails.

  1. Use Out-of-Office. If you are going on holidays, set the OOO feature to respond automatically to everyone trying to contact you.

Tip. Don’t forget to include the date when you are able to provide answers to your correspondence.

  1. Proofread. Don’t just rely on spell-check, and take your time to carefully look for any typos and grammar mistakes in your email, as emails with typos are not taken seriously.

Tip. Take advantage of a “cup of coffee rule”: write your email, read it once, then go drink a cup of coffee, and re-read the message with a fresh eye.

  1. Email signature. Professionally designed email signature, which provides convenient access to your contact details, will help you appear competent to your customers and partners.

Tip. Use Newoldstamp’s wide selection of email signature templates to craft the one that fits your business needs.

Professional attitude to email correspondence is invaluable in building trust and confidence with your customers, prospects, partners and colleagues. Email etiquette rules will definitely encourage quicker response and solidify your business relationships.