Choosing a Perfect Topic for Research

Have you ever engaged in a research work? Perhaps as a research assistant or you have observed other students conducting a research study. However, before the actual research work, the greatest challenge that students face is choosing a topic. Most students fail in their research papers due to failure to choose topics that suit them best. The students end up giving up and do not care on the topic besides failing to narrow down to a manageable issue.

Conversely, students who perform well in their research work can note the reason why they chose the topics, reveal the source of information concerning the topic, state the major questions regarding the topics, reveal the areas of importance concerning the topic and when the topic is important. The most interesting types of research topics should revolve around argumentative and analytical studies as they are both deductive and elaborative.

Argumentative and Analytical Topics

When conducting an argumentative research or essays, students should define their thesis statements and should explain the importance of the topic and the reasons why the readers or audiences should care. The thesis statement should elaborate the position of the student or the position of an issue to achieve its goal. For example, the following thesis statement presents a position of the argument: “Considering the public health concern and the health hazard that it causes to the public due to its smoke, cigarettes should be banned altogether.” Here, the researcher presents an argument that can be defended.

Regarding analytical topics, the students typically strive to answer the “how” or “why” questions concerning an issue. Consequently, the students are supposed to break the subject into different portions for further examination. Therefore, the thesis statements for the analytical topics present the procedure for analysis besides elaborating on the issues. Thus, the reader should be able to articulate the relationship that exists between the different components under examination and how such relationships reveal new information about the problem.

Argumentative and analytical essay topics usually follow different approaches. In simple terms, the analytical topic reveals the answers to the “how” and “why” questions after examination and evaluation of the results. On the other hand, argumentative topics entail investigation of topics, gather, generate and evaluation of evidence which lead to the establishment of a position regarding the topics. These two research topics have thesis statements that reveal the researchers’ ideas and their expectations after research.

Furthermore, the thesis statements are usually arguable, concise and clear besides communicating the topic and should give direction and the purpose of the research. Besides, both types of research reveal the need. Thus in both cases, they need a student to avail facts, be better informed as well as should argue and have details on the analysis of the results.

Importance of good topics

Custom research papers usually help students understand the importance of topics they choose. In most cases, good topics usually sustain the interests of students for the long duration of the research project. The topics normally reveal to the students their interests hence will enable them to embrace the project in an easier way. Besides, good topics usually sharpen the focus of the student since it improves the confidence, and gives them better direction to condense, synthesize and evaluate the different methods required to achieve the goal. Thus, it will help them place literature according to the given topic and narrow such reviews to the specific information require