Brazil to Market oil camps despite environmental warnings

The administration of President Jair Bolsonaro intends to auction seven petroleum fields in the advice from analysts of the main environmental body of Brazil, according to records obtained by the Associated Press.

Environmentalists say it’s the most recent example of Bolsonaro, that campaigned on promises by cutting red tape to revive Latin America’s biggest economy, is compelling warnings and evidence aside in the name of advancement. It comes in a time when Brazil, energy users and among the world’s largest oil producers, is moving toward the privatization of many businesses.

“There is no need to research these regions,” explained Carlos Rittl, executive secretary of environmental group Climate Observatory.

The environment , called IBAMA of brazil, aims to encourage the usage of natural resources and enforces laws. IBAMA analysts recommended in seven from 42 offshore areas against the mining of petroleum available for auction in March by regulating body Petroleum Agency.

Three of the areas to be auctioned in October are in the Jacuipe Basin and four in the region that is Camamu-Almada, both in the seas off the coast of the state of Bahia.

Appointed by Bolsonaro, the new head of this magician, Eduardo Bim, rejected its own analysis, which warned that mining of”highly degeneration areas” could lead to spills.

The study, dated March 18, also said spills could lead to the destruction of the Abrolhos islands, a region of 353 square miles (913 square kilometers). Four of Abrolhos’ five islands are home to some marine park with uncommon coral formations, whales, tropical fish, seabirds, turtles and dolphins.

The files were obtained and confirmed from the AP.

IBAMA analysts said that the cubes are in regions that have never been exploited, which demand more”tactical studies which could evaluate the capability of the region.” The record said those studies are essential to give investors”more valid defense” in the case of an accident.

The analysts wrote a spill could get in just two weeks to the island chain and the coast, and authorities would not be ready to respond quickly or adequately to safeguard life.

“Add to this the fact the impact of a spill of proportions above mangroves and corals are in general irreversible, harming the local market and wellness,” the document said.

In reply, Bim explained in a letter to the environmental ministry, dated April 1, that he does not”see the requirement of exclusion of the (seven) disciplines as suggested by technical details.” He did not detail.

In a statement, IBAMA explained , in addition to the environmental and energy ministries, agreed the auction was viable. The auction”means automatic authorization for exploiting oil and gasoline nor the expectation of the result of the environmental licensing.” The institute said that studies on possible spills will nevertheless be needed.

The statement also said that previous auctions were produced in petroleum areas that sit nearer to the Abrolhos park.

Brazil minister between 2010 and 2008, carlos Minc, said he had blocked efforts to search for petroleum near Abrolhos because ships would affect the migration of dolphins and whales in the region.

“Humpback whales left the record of animals under threat of extinction because of this. How could Brazil be carrying this measure ” Minc stated.

Brazil is the world’s ninth largest producer of petroleum in the Earth, and also the third biggest in the Americas, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Brazil is the absolute energy consumer in the world.

Bolsonaro has regularly said protections should not block company. Prior to taking office Jan. 1, he also promised to remove Brazil in the Paris deal on climate change. He has, saying Brazil would stay in the arrangement.

Before this month, the AP reported that Bolsonaro’s government plans to radically change a council that oversees the country’s environmental policy, substituting a panel which has a set of appointees.

Environment Minister Ricardo Salles and IBAMA’s Bim are among the writers of the plan.

In accordance with Bolsonaro’s plan, IBAMA would absorb the attributions of the agency that protects conservation zones such as reserves and national parks, including the Abrolhos marine park which would be endangered by oil areas.

Bim, Salles along with the other authors of the study said from the design which the move was required to streamline environmental governance and also”avoid international interference” in Brazil.


Savarese reported from Madrid.