Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone manufacturer, Foxconn recently announced about its plan to replace almost every human labor in the Chinese facility with the robots. Digitimes reported that this complete automation at the factory will take place in three phases.

The three phase process of automation at Foxconn

Dai Jia-peng, the GM for company’s Automation Technology Development Committee said that the first phase of automation will include establishing singular automated work stations for the purposes which humans consider dangerous or are unwilling to do.

In the second phase, the production lines will go completely automatic. Here, the number of robots shall be decreased.

The company will go completely automatic in the third phase, with just a few workers handling sections, which include inspection, testing processes, logistics and production.

Some Foxconn factories reach second and third phase

A few factories in northern China, Zhengzhou, southern China, Shenzhen, western China and Chengdu have already reached the second and third phase of this complete automation. Some of these factories, Foxconn claims, have as many as ten fully automated production facility lines.

Indigenous industrial robots produced

The company said that for this purpose, it has deployed over 40,000 Foxbots or industrial robots. All of these have been created and produced indigenously. The company says that it has a capacity of producing as many as 10,000 Foxbots annually.

Apart from this, the Apple partner is also developing such robots which can be put to use in medical care. Dai Jia-peng commented on going completely automated or about the role of robots in industrial use. He said that despite achieving speed, there is a limitation with robots. He noted that robots cannot replace humans since the latter has a capability of switching from one process or task to other within seconds. Robots lack such flexibility, he said.

Nevertheless, the process will help Foxconn cut down its labor cost to a great extent.

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