Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been on the spotlight this week, especially after revealing new products— which primarily include the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 2, operating system (OS) updates— which include the iOS 10 and the watchOS 3, and other new features and announcements.

A Different Apple Watch

Taking advantage of the hype to tap a substantial market is Beam Suntory Inc (NYSE:BEAM). Known for its alcoholic beverages, particularly the Jim Beam brand, Beam Suntory surprisingly joined the Apple bandwagon. On Wednesday, subsequent with the highly anticipated Apple event, Beam Suntory has launched its own Jim Beam Apple Watch.

The company brands it as a drinkable wearable. Its distinction from the Apple Watch Series 2 does not, however, end there. The Jim Beam Apple Watch does not have a battery nor tell time. Basically, the wearable only features nothing but a 1.50-oz. shot glass— literally, it is drinkable.

Following the fact that some apples are green, the Jim Beam Apple Watch has a green strap and a green dial, which has no certain function, as well.

Those who are interested in an Apple Watch can opt for a cheaper alternative by purchasing the Jim Beam Apple Watch for just $17.99. Kidding aside, this is part of the company’s promotional campaign for the Jim Beam Apple, which costs $17.99.

Apple Watch Series 2

Speaking of Apple Watch, as aforementioned, Apple has finally unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 on Wednesday— almost two years after the Apple Watch Series 1 was launched.

Accordingly, it is built with a new processor that is faster and offers optimized graphics. Moreover, the Apple Watch now comes with GPS integration.

The record-breaking Pokémon GO app will also be available on the Apple Watch Series 2. With the integration, players can receive notifications on their wearable devices when Pokémons or Pokéstops are nearby. The Apple Watch app will also let users know how many more kilometers they need to travel to hatch eggs and how many more experience (XP) points they need to reach the next level.

A Nike+ model is also available, which can be purchased for the same price of $269 as the base model.

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