Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google fake reviews are soon to be a thing of the past. The tech giant released an article on their blog, which stated that they would be taking the necessary measures on the Android application store, to remove various things such as ‘fake’ reviews, incentivized reviews, and fake downloads.

The original announcement from the company was on Monday. Google announced that in order to do this, they would be integrating improved filtering and detection algorithms on the Google play store. These filters will primarily have the responsibility of detecting and removing any unethical aspects of an application on the Play Store.

This announcement to enact policies to remove Google fake reviews follows that of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) own filtering system being used on their Apple Store, which was done in order to remove fraudulent activities throughout the store.

Google’s perspective on Google fake reviews downloads and incentivized reviews

Google’s perspective on these fraudulent aspects of their Play Store was indicated in their blog post, which revealed, “These attempts not only violate the Google Play Developer Policy but also harm our community of developers by hindering there a chance of being discovered or recommended through our system.”

The blog further went on to state that these fraudulent things, such as fake reviews, and downloads put the end users at risk. The reason the company stated this is due to the fact that this false information is misguiding end users, with inaccurate information.

What does this mean for Developers

Google further announced that their systems will be able to detect any applications that do not abide by their policy. Furthermore, they stated that if developers do not heed the warnings of the tech giant, there will be a high likelihood that the developer’s applications will be taken down.

Google also informed developers, that those who make use of third-party organizations should ensure that they apply to the Google Play Developer Policy, as if they don’t, the developer’s applications will be removed from the store.

Through the integration of these new algorithms, Google fake reviews incentivized reviews, and unethical practices on the Play Store will be redacted completely. This ensures that consumers are receiving accurate information about any application that they wish to download.

Alphabet stock last traded at $809.90 on Monday, after declining by $9.66, or 1.18%

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